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The Clubbing Connection

The Clubbing Connection is a network of over 100,000 people who frequent virtual entertainment venues and events.

Pulse Entertainment Network

A network of entertainment television oriented programming focused on topics that interest 3d social networking/virtual environment savvy residents.

Nu Vibez Magazine

A pop-culture online and in-world magazine publication focused on topics of interest to virtual residents and “real-world” people alike.

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Indie Nation Live

A groundbreaking RL/SL radio show (airing on ENT 69.9 SL Radio on Wednesday nights from 6 to 7 PM SLT) that exposes the hottest underground music, movies, art and literature to RL labels, fans, agencies, studios and more.

Fashion Fix

Fashion Fix is a fashion focused television program produced by Pulse Entertainment.

The CCN Prize Patrol

The Prize Patrol’s current mission? To give readers of Nu Vibez Magazine L$2,014!

Total Model Make-Over

14 Models live together in a mansion in-world, produced by Pulse Ent and distributed by iMoogi.TV.  The one place where drama is desired … Virtual Reality Television!

Everything Entertainment

Spotlight TV

A pop-culture and entertainment talk-show featuring host, Scorpinosis Nightfire.  Produced by Pulse Ent, Distributed by iMoogi.TV

Girl Talk

Affiliated Brands