Specialized Services to Enhance Your Campaigns

Our team of community, building and marketing specialists prepare all aspects of your campaign for your 3d social marketing success.

Branded Give-Away Products

Keep your name in front of the audience long past the time of an event with high quality branded products that we give away at your promotional events.

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3D Entertainment & Business Venues

Already built in a community, with audiences and traffic, just waiting for your specialized event.

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Product Placement

You see it in the games we play and in the movies and TV shows we watch — branded products and signage for real companies, goods and services unobtrusively appearing in the background of a scene or on the characters.  Product Placement is a powerful, subliminal marketing tool that works every bit as well in 3D Social Networking platforms as it has proven to do in the real-world mediums.

High Quality Avatars

We have a team of fashion and make-over industry professionals on staff to create realistic, high quality avatar representations.

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Quality 3D Builders

Staffing the best in-world and mesh creators for your custom products, environments and structure needs.

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Commercial Graphic Design

Marketing collateral is required no matter where you engage your audience.  We have a skilled team of commercial graphic artists ready to take your brand and turn it into your in-world identity.  We convert your real world collateral into the various sizes/shapes required or create entirely new pieces for you, designed to help us achieve your marketing goals.